6 Useful Tips Which Every Cyclist Cannot Afford To Miss!


Cycling may be just a sport for some; while for those who are really passionate, cycling is life. Whatever your category is; if you are into cycling, this article is going to help you! Here are some tips to help you pedal all the way!

What to wear?
While cycling, the clothes and the accessories that you wear should never hinder your comfort. T-Shirts and shorts are the widely preferred choice by cyclists. Cyclists’ shorts are usually lined with layers of cloth; this padding is to prevent sores due to friction which occurs naturally when cycling for hours on end. Wear a helmet and make sure it is not worn on the back of your head, but in the front so that it stays one inch over your eyebrows.

Dealing with the wind
Cycling in wind is not very easy, but there is something which you can do master it. If it is too windy and you are riding in a group, follow the one who is riding in your front closely. If the wind is from right, tilt the front wheel of your cycle to the rider’s left and vice versa. If you are riding alone, a drain or wall may help!

If you are cycling for just one or two hours, then you may not require any food or drink in between. But if the duration is greater, then it is natural to get tired so that you need refreshments. If you are riding alone, you may have to carry energy bars or some drinks which you can have along the way. If you are cycling as a part of a group event, then the Event Organisers would be providing food and drinks in between. Interested in cycling events? Check out http://cyclists.in/

Do not lock your elbows firmly
Locking the elbows rigidly is not the right thing to do while cycling. Doing so may cause shoulder and neck pain. The best way to cycle is with your elbows bend slightly.

How to tame climbing up?
Climbing up is the riskiest part of cycling, and it is quite natural for the beginners to be worried about climbing. It is true that climbing requires extra physical strength, but it can be mastered easily with practice. So, do not avoid hilly paths altogether while cycling. Start with small hills and gradually try bigger ones. For short hills, you can just increase the power of pedalling and cross them. But for longer ones, make sure that you slow down a bit, choose a comfortable gear and then pedal in a particular pattern. When you rise from your seat to pedal more powerfully, make sure to change the gear and change it back before sitting again!

How to descend right?
While descending downhill, the best way to maintain balance is to look up. Peripheral vision would let you know about any obstacles on your path. So you need not worry! Looking up would not only keep your body stable but improves the stability of your cycle too.


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